Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Continuing on!

Yesterday we dropped Kevin's mom at the airport to go back to Dallas. It seems like she just got here and left! It was short and sweet, and I'm glad for every minute of the time that we had her here for. I know she enjoyed her time. We all wished she could have stayed longer.

We continued on our own little adventure for the rest of the day with furniture shopping. Can I just say...that is soooooo exhausting. I hate shopping for one. And Kevin is the opposite. And somehow it always ends up that it is the very last place that has what we decide on. So at about 6 pm we whipped out the credit card and purchased our love seat and sofa, and new mattress and box spring. They should be delivered on Thursday, and I can't wait! Finally! Something nice and new! And all ours. Yay! I'll share some pictures when they come. Of the couch I mean. (Looking at a mattress is pretty boring.)

Today I went to my first bible study session at the parish here downtown. I was a bit hesitant at first just because I didn't know what to expect. I enjoyed it though. And I happened to be the youngest person there. I think the next youngest was probably in her 50's. Wow. But I was welcomed warmly and made to feel at home. It was a lovely experience. I also met a real nice woman who shared with me about another bible study that she goes to at another parish that is just for women and meets for three hours on Saturdays. And has free child care where they teach the children as well. So I got all the info and will check it out soon. I found what I had been searching for. Yay for that.

I have another picture to share with you for the feast of the Assumption. I need to get it onto the computer. Perhaps tomorrow, for sure by Thursday.

I hope everyone is doing well. And thank you so much for all your kind words! I love hearing from you:)


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Cami* said...

Awesome, New Things.

Yay for Homecomings and New Beginnings.
The Classes sound perfect.
i hope you're able to follow through.
Also.. i Agree with Dom~> "Cakes" They sell even when No One Has Money!
And You are More Than Talented~*

xo, Cami*