Friday, July 11, 2008

Cause I had a good day...

I thought I would share a few more pictures. We had a fun day.

Kevin sent me something, a present of some sort, but we happened to be at the beach when the UPS guy came so he didn't leave it. The ONE TIME I'm not here he doesn't leave it. Darn. So I wait till Monday. But I had a good day anyway:)

Annie is so helpful.

Ouch, that sand really rubs wrong!

And then my friend and her kids came over to share some pizza and chat a bit, and they brought me a cake:) Anneliese got the first taste. She approved.


cami* said...

Happy Belated!

The plants looks great and Annie looks so cute!
i understand the combing struggle. Caitlyn Screams like we are killing her! Bath time is even Better!
xoxoxo, me*

Susan said...

Ah, happy birthday!