Friday, June 20, 2008

More Cake Love and other stuff.

My first time working with marshmallow fondant. Just a simple yellow cake underneath. The kids were a big fan of this one.

We've been hanging out here at home a lot since gas prices are so crazy. Nothing too exciting. Just finding things to do around here.
I snatched up this patio set on garbage day. Sneaky, I know. It's really lovely. The kids have been having tea parties and are enjoying their meals out side. It's nice while the weather is so good.

If your kids are anything like mine they love bubbles. But I, not so much. I about pass out sitting there blowing bubbles forever. I went to Walmart with the goal of finding some odd machine that would do all the work for me. Now the kids can enjoy bubbles until they run out. And I don't run out of breath. It's great.
Life is good.

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Susan said...

How freaking cute is that? I wish you were closer. I'd so pay for a cute cake at birthday time!