Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some thoughts.

You know how the conversation goes...."What did you do today?"....."Nothing really. Laundry. Sewed some stuff. Entertained the kids. We're pretty boring round here lately..."
Annie got pig tails for the first time. I decided to let her hair grow out for a bit.

"You're not boring! Stop saying that. Just because you like being home doesn't mean you are boring."

I suppose he's right. I'm always busy doing something. I guess it just comes across as that it might be boring to others that I sew and read old books, and plant plants, and draw with chalk on the side walk with my kids. It's not boring to me. I always belittle everything I do. Why do I do that?

We always have fun. We're always busy with something. Even if it's just being silly in front of the camera. Those things are important. I love my family and that is important. So why do I belittle everything we do?
I need to work on that.
What am I doing today? I'm starting some bread today. And getting plans together to go to my grandma's funeral. And I'm doing laundry.

What are you doing today?

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