Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My friend has cancer.

When Thomas was born and needed arrangements made, we were very blessed to be able to work with a wonderful lady named Danielle. She is a fellow military wife. I felt lucky about that because she was a great help with the financial side of things, knowing that we would need help, and getting help from the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society to help with everything. She was also Thomas chauffeur of sorts. She accompanied him from the hospital to the mortuary, and from there to the crematory, and to the church as well. Through everything she's become a friend.

Back in January she found out that she has cervical cancer. In the two weeks since her last check up it has grown and spread. They think it might have spread to her lymph nodes. She won't have her MRI until the end of this month because that is the soonest that they can do it. They've already told her that she will need to have a hysterectomy and a chemo cocktail. My heart breaks for her, for her kids.

Please pray for her, and her family. She could really use a miracle.

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