Monday, November 05, 2007

Today in our little world.

We began today with me...*CRASH* face down on the floor...and a pile of dvds all around me. Thankfully the tv and not even one of those dvds sitting on top hit me. Coming to, I saw my husbands feet approaching, "Honey are you ok?!WHAT HAPPENED?!"

Staring through my hair, "Umm, I fell down." It seems this lady is one of the sufferers of pregnancy fainting spells. You've got to be kidding me! That was 7.30 this morning. Too scared of passing out again, (on the stairs, in the shower, cooking at the stove), I sat stationary in my pj's for half the day folding laundry and watching 90's action films.

Kevin came home at lunch time after explaining that he needed to get me to the doctor because I collapsed. They let him. And then lots of people called to check on whether I was ok. Embarrassing.

Doctor says I'm ok. Fainting is quite common he says. Mmkay. Not for me. But I guess this is something new with this baby. My blood pressure is down from 146/80 to 114/62. I think my eyes about popped out of my head when I heard that. I've never had it be so low. Very unusual for me. Doctor thinks that's ok though. Okie dokie.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the traffic here? It's not like the northern California stop-and-go. It's the go 15 mph, then speed up to 80 mph, and slam on your breaks to avoid the person that just slowed down to 2 mph. I'm a spazz, and paranoid being pregnant. I can't even look over the balcony upstairs because I get freaked out. My husband has me practically clawing at the door while he drives sometimes. At times I think he gets some sick pleasure out of seeing me slam on the imaginary brakes and cover my eyes. He gets pretty annoyed though sometimes yelling at me when I grab the oh-sh*t handle and my feet automatically go up on the dash board, like that will protect me. ("Someday we ARE going to get in an accident and you're going to lose your legs because they'll go right through the windshield or get broken if you do that!") I knew today we'd be driving through rush hour traffic to my doctors appointment so I purposely laid my seat back and closed me eyes so I didn't have to see what was going on. That doesn't mean I didn't flinch, though, every time he slammed on the breaks or yelled at someone for cutting him off. (They like to change lanes right on top of you here. They don't even wait for you to make room.)

I hate traffic.


Last night Kevin gave me a number of weeks he has left home before deployment. It made me sick to my stomach to hear it because it's not really that many. I put on my bravest face though and asked if there is anything particular he wants to do between now and then. Not really. He just wants to spend time together. Between now and then he's also planning on taking some vacation time, and going home to see his family back in Texas. It's been 3 or 4 years since he's been home. That's a long time to not see your family. And I can understand why he wants to go now. I just wish he could have gone like a month ago, and then it wouldn't seem like we have so much less time with him. I KNOW I'M GREEDY. I can't help it. There are a bunch of things still that we need to get in order so that I'll be all set to take over all the bills and such again. I'm a list person...making lists of things that need to be done. He's the total opposite. So making him write everything out is sort of entertaining because he sits there with this almost flabbergasted look on his face while he tries to remember everything there is. I think once he gets back from Iraq I'll keep my lists and just let him go to work and know that I've got everything covered to avoid this sort of unorganized mayhem in the future. It's a good plan anyway:) I DO plan on giving him an allowance while he's gone in a separate account so that I can KNOW what's going on all the time and not freak out seeing money disappear and not knowing where it's going. Makes sense to me. He seemed to agree. Check! One thing off my list:)

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Susan said...

OMG how scary. Hopefully that'll be the last time you pass out. I hate riding with my husband, too. I think they learn to terrify us at basic. The allowance thing is the only way to go. That way they don't spend the money you need for bills.