Sunday, November 11, 2007

This and That.

It's been so long since I did anything remotely crafty and fun that I almost forgot how satisfying it could be. So on an impulse I bought some pretty silver pipe cleaners and started making simple icicles for our Christmas tree. We don't have one yet(too early!). But eventually, (hopefully), we will. Simple, yet satisfying. I admit that I haven't done anything artsy-craftsy and fun for quite some time because I've been very distracted with life around here. And very distracted with myself. How self centered is that. I hit a pretty low point on the depression scale and finally decided a few weeks ago that I really needed some help. So I got some, and I'm now starting to finally feel like myself again. Which sort of allowed me to remember that there are things I like to do other than lay around all day in my pj's and staring blankly at the television.

I was moved enough the other day to sew myself this belly band that now holds in my expanding bump. And covers up my unzipped jeans. It just looks like a long t-shirt doesn't it?
I swear there is only one baby in there. It must just be the fact that it's number three, and that I was fairly skinny to start so it shows more. 16 weeks along now. Phew. Nausea and vomiting getting lesser. A few close calls on the fainting spells. One last night on the stairs on my way to bed. Thankfully I fell up-hill with no bruises. At least I have the dizzy-spacey-head-warning ahead of time and can sort of "save" myself.

Speaking of my babies....

This one...*sigh*
I love him so. We seem to be making some progress where he identified for me that he gets overwhelmed by certain things, which allowed me to put some house and play rules into effect. I see a change already...He sang "You Are My Sunshine" to me at dinner, and apologized multiple times throughout the last few days for not "being obedient". He means his tantrums. Up to now he's not really been able to identify that he was doing something that wasn't quite right. He's being more open which is great. I prefer that to the tantrum throwing, and out of control crying/stubbornness. He even told me at Mass that he was "fed up with this", about the kid in front of us being out of control making Anthony pretty agitated. I must admit that I thought he was just talking about being fed up with being at Mass at first (which made me a little annoyed). It took me a minute to see that his focus was on the other kid jumping off the pew. I was able to sit him down and calm him with a pen and paper.

Best ever smile on my lil miss. She's really turning into a ham. It comes out at odd times, with the funniest stuff. Her vocabulary is getting quite large as well. She says "Welcome!" every time she brings me something. It's pretty cute.

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Susan said...

(((hugs))) When Mom feels better, the whole house is calmer. Glad things are looking up.