Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Some hope on the horizon.

The car has been getting worse over the last week or so. It makes me really nervous driving it around, but it can't be helped. I just keep praying it doesn't break down with me and the kids alone.

Anyway, we looked into having it fixed and I just about passed out when they gave us a quote-- $1100. Unfortunately, that can't be pulled out of a hat. We called Operation Homefront on Friday and they called this morning and said that they would cover it for us. The lady is trying to find a mechanic that will do it, and then she's going to call us back. SO THANKFUL. It's our only car, so I'm sure we sounded pretty darn pathetic. I try not to think too deeply about the state of things, like the car, because I have no control and I just end up getting desperately depressed. So I let go! And God took over, operantly!

So, Yay! about that.

The first trimester exhaustion has grabbed my full force. Sometimes I feel like I can't even get up. Kids must be tended to though. My husband is sort of oblivious. I suppose that's to be expected. When I mention exhaustion, he says "Well, we're all tired. Anneliese keeps waking up at night." Ok, I'll keep it to myself. I think it escapes our husbands sometimes that actually having someone else live off you for nine months might make you a smidgen more tired than usual. So...I wonder how much caffeine is too much? I'll have to check it out. :)

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Jen Lang said...

Great organization! Hope it all comes together very soon! God will ALWAYS provide. He just keeps us on the edge so that we don't forget Him. Oh the husband not being empathetic thing.......again with the military! They just take longer to get true feeling. Take care of yourself anyway. Push whatever it is YOU need! As for caffeine.....many opinions on that one. I must admit that I have to stay away from it all together when pregnant because my body treats it like poison and gets rid of any beverage or food that contains it. Yucky! Good luck and many prayers!