Wednesday, August 29, 2007

News come in three's?

That's what they say anyway.

People die in threes. Bad/Good news come in threes. What else comes in three's?....

So we've had Kevin's news of deploying (not so good). We've had baby news (pretty darn good). And now we have car news (bad bad bad).

I don't know exactly how we're going to handle this car issue. Kevin took it to have the computer read last night because the "check engine" light was on. He replaced some things, and it was running pretty well. And now...well, if you don't keep one foot on the gas when you come to a stop, it idles out. And then chokes trying to come back to life. I drove it to the store to pick up our WIC stuff, and had to restart the car 4 times. It's only about a mile to the Commissary. This can't be good. A call to the dealer service station revealed that it could be numerous things that cost more than we have. We'll be putting a call into the Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society to see if maybe they can help us out because we can't get anywhere without a car! Including work!

A look at my credit card statement also revealed that someone stole my card info and used it to buy an account for some online friend finding service, and another online service, which together are about $200.

I keep trying to remind myself that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. I just wonder how we are supposed to handle things sometimes. Especially when it looks like there is no way to do something. I know, I know. Nothing is impossible with God. So do I pray that He just fixes the things that need fixing? I don't know what to pray for. It just seems overwhelming sometimes, and I fall into this state of being paralyzed by fear of...what? Not having what we need? We always seem to have what we need. Even if it isn't exactly what we want, or within the time that we think we need it.

Where is my mustard size faith???? I need to move some mountainous size problems.

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Susan said...

Breathe in, breathe out. It WILL be okay. It's human nature to worry. It's the faith part that comes hard. I never have figured out how it works, but it always does. Just remember, it's when you stop freaking about it that the answers come to you more clear. (((hugs)))