Monday, August 27, 2007

Insomnia. Ugh.

I thought it was too early for the insomnia! I guess I was wrong!

Anthony's school books came this evening. WOW. Story books, study books, teacher guides, readers, maps, paints, other art supplies, music supplies (including instruments!), a phonics tile set, blocks, science kits, dvd's, cd's, progress booklets, plus more. Five big boxes of supplies. We just kind of stood there looking at it all after we unpacked it. All Kevin could think to say was, "Do we get to keep it all?" :) I think there is over $200 in story books. It's amazing. I'm still recovering from Christmas in August syndrome. I'm so excited. Anthony is so excited! He got out of bed to ask if he could do some school work!

Kevin has to leave for work shortly. He is on duty from midnight to 4am. Yuck. Then back home for a nap, and then back to work. Poor guy. I think he got three hours of sleep.

I'm off to make him coffee and a snack.

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