Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A brief recess.

Hi world. I hope you are doing well.

We've been pretty occupied the last week or so with things here and there. I took the kids to San Luis Rey Mission yesterday, hoping that some other families from my group would show up too, but alas we picnicked alone under a bit pine tree and enjoyed the sunshine. I would add some pictures here, but we have had a catastrophe with the lap top, which is where I usually did all my photo stuff. To put it plainly, Anneliese decided it was thirsty and poured a sports bottle of water on it. It's not thirsty anymore, nor will it ever be again. So I'm trying to find my driver software to install on the desk-top, and then I'll be back into my groove again.
Along with the loss of the use of the computer, I lost all my bookmarks and lots of peoples email addresses, so if you like please leave me a comment with your email address/blog address so I can keep on visiting with you!

More soon, I promise!

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