Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The state of things.

I was reading over my post from yesterday. It really kind of came across grumpily, didn't it?

You know how some people say that you can project your attitude on to things and then everything around you will become as you make it? I believe it. As of lately I've been trying to project happiness and calmness and "good stuff", and I've been praying a lot. Thing
s around here are going really difficultly lately and I've been trying to make it better. It seems like there is some bad thing out there just smooshing my good vibes, though. We're having a really hard time, and struggling financially, (as in we might have to go somewhere to ask for food), and Kevin is really hating his place in this unit. He hates sitting around all day. He also mentioned last night going to get a second job somewhere on the weekends. I hate that idea...He's gone a lot as it is already, and when he comes home he is tired, and cranky, and sometimes just wants to be left alone. I'm just hating that all around. Maybe it's unavoidable,his getting another job, but I still hate the idea.

At any rate....I've been scraping the bottom of the cupboard and luckily
God is providing. I've got my friend Robin to thank for some of the food ideas I've been coming up with lately. She taught me a lot in the time I spent working with her at Korbel. We might not eat gourmet a lot, but the food will still taste good and fill the tummy. And thankfully, the menu planning is helping more than we had hoped. We have been able to stretch the meals out to make at least two extra meals, which is great. And somehow there always seems to be leftovers, which provides lunch for the next day! I pulled some beans that had been in hibernation in the cupboard out and soaked them over night. They're making a big pot of Creole Beans for red beans and rice. We'll have some for lunch and freeze the rest of another meal later on.

I've been trying to work on some projects to add to my little shop. Things
are slowly coming a long. I made this Lunch Bag yesterday. Not the greatest picture....I'll try for a more flattering one later on today. Anyway, hopefully I'll have a few more done this week and be able to add them in there.

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Susan said...

Oh hon, I know where you're at for sure. It will be okay. I don't know how, but it always seems to work out. Try not to stress about it all so much. Makes it easier to see what God sets before you. (((hugs)))