Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm mourning.

The little girl finally realized that there was a tomato growing. So she helped harvest.

Tomato no more.


You know that baby shower I mentioned before?

I realized I only have girl booties, and my elected gift receiver is having a boy. Enter frantic exploration for "boy" material! Almost none existent in my girlie collection.


Jen Lang said...

So sorry about the tomato! I hate it when the kids do that! I am also sorry about our phone conversation yesterday. I was too distracted to give you my attention and felt like I ended up hanging up abruptly. The kids are not good about letting me be on the phone. I write alot better than I speak on the phone which is why I like email so much. So, sorry if it seemed like I wasn't listening or hung up too soon! Glad that the truck worked out and the lights got turned off! :-) Hope it's a good day! And the boy booties are too cute!

Susan said...

You know, you're my craft hero! Everything you make is so cute.

Celeste said...

Don't worry, Jen. My kids are the same way. When I got off the phone I saw that Anneliese has popped off half the keys on the laptop!

Thanks, Susan!