Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who wants to help me with an Art project?

So I stumbled across this website while blog browsing and have come up with an idea for an "envelope art project" to send to them. Would you like to help? Awesome! So here's what your job is....for the next two weeks I want you to save all the envelopes from your mail. So we'll say that on Friday the 29th of June, you take all your mail envelopes (black out your name and address if you like, but not the POSTAGE), and put them in one big manila envelope and send them to me! The more the better, but one manila envelope would be just fine. Email me if you want to help, or leave a comment and I'll be in touch with you to arrange having them sent to myself. Thank you! Then, once I'm finished with my project I will post a picture for you to see before I send it. Please specify if you would like to be acknowledged in helping with the project in your email/comment.
Now if you're not into saving your envelopes, I'd also love a postcard! Just send me a line and let me know!

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