Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A short cookie break.

I've been sewing, sewing, sewing these last few days and had to take a break to enjoy a cookie or three.

Ever since we've moved in here I've been taking full advantage of the kitchen space making yummy dinners and baking up a storm at least once a week. By the way, don't you love my china? I do, and I'm so happy we get to use it now!

There are a lot of things that I'm finding that I forgot that I had. The few things that are left in boxes, are things that I packed up years ago and forgot about. It is like Christmas!

I've also finally gotten around to hanging up some pictures and making the house more homey. Maybe it's superficial, but having my things around me makes me feel more like this is MY house and not just somewhere we'll be living for the duration of Kevin's time here. He's also let me have charge over the decor of the house which makes me pretty darned happy:) We don't have much to work with, but the idea that I get to work it makes me happy.

We have these half moon shaped windows that are driving me bonkers. Outside there are bright orange florescent lights that beam right in the windows at night. We have this orange glow all night long, which is only blocked out of our windows by blinds which leave orange light beams all over the place. The lights shine right in these windows though. And unfortunately, the house sits so that the sun shines right in these windows and reflects off the TV. Annoying, to say the least. I'm still working on an alternative to hanging whatever fabric I have laying around in them. It's a difficult shape to work with. I know that there are special made shades that you can buy for them...but they're not too pretty. Ho-hum. I'll think of something.

Well, this here picture is something I'm still working on. It's a work in progress so don't be too critical of it! The idea is there...the finished product is just not quite achieved yet. It'll get there eventually. I hope...!

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Anonymous said...

it needs some cream (like the paper) detail on the inside of the "leaves"...outlines on the inside. like morse code...kind of. = )