Saturday, January 27, 2007

This and that.

You know how you will get a glass of water and put in next to your bed in case you get thirsty?

Well, I do that because for some reason I always get thristy in the night. But my problem is dust and hairs and whatever else that likes to land in my water. I may not be able to see it in the dark, but I know they land in there because when I wake up in the morning they are floating around on top.

I need to get a cup with a lid. Like my kids have, but without the little spout. Maybe like a coffee cup. Or a thermos. Maybe even a sports bottle. Those work.

Where the heck does all the dust come from anyways?

Anneliese started walking last night. I just happened to walk into the bedroom when she stood up and took 4 steps before grabbing hold of my leg. Before we know it she'll be running around at the park chasing balls and boy and whatever else looks fun.

Time flies.


Ages ago, when I was young and carefree and lacking interest, I was into music. I took choir and music lessons all throughout my schooling years. I loved music. I loved/love to sing. Often you will here me belt out some nonsensical-made up music and abruptley stop. The urge to sing just hits me every so often. Our neighbors have become used to my little weirdness. I think perhaps they might even enjoy it sometimes.

I had a dream last night that I was asked to sing the national anthem at some big event. All I can remember is a bunch of "friends" cheering me and letting me practice on them. I would be petrified....for about 30 seconds. And then I'd just belt it out.

Amidst my musings on this subject I realized that when we have real neighbors, ones that live closer than half an acre away, belting out some weird operatic noise at 11:30 at night might not be as welcome or tolerated as it is here. I'm going to have to find an outlet.

Perhaps church choir.

I'm going to go pack some things. Maybe I'll be back later when I have something interesting to shrae.

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