Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh where does the time go?

Lately I seem to end up at the end of the day saying to myself "Where did the time go? It was just morning..." I think I over do it a bit sometimes trying to keep myself busy. My room has been full of half done projects, laundry waiting to be folded, toys strewn everywhere...I just don't seem to have enough time for everything. Obviously the kids take up a majority of my time (heck they end up in the bathroom while I'm showering even), and the little time I do find to do something for myself usually ends up being at 1 in the morning...And then I sit there looking at the mess and wishing I was the geanie and could blink it all away. I've been giving myself goals, to do things I would not usually do, and I love doing these things. But everything else just seems to somehow slip through the cracks. The result I think will be to cut back on some of my side things. Sadly. Chores need to be done though.
I already put most of my craft stuff into a big Rubbermaid...Hmm.
My Aunt gave Anthony Bob the builder overalls for his birthday...everything is about Bob now. He even pretends he is Bob, and was doing work under the pew during Mass. Silly boy.

He's also invented an imaginary friend whose name is too hard for me to pronounce. He invited me to play earlier.

So I've not really been dieting...but my waistline keeps shrivelling. I'm down to about a buck ten, not that I mind...Just makes me wonder about it a bit. I think thats at the lower end of the weight scale for my height...I'm also losing an unusual amount of hair. Like, I wake in the morning and there is hair everywhere in the bed. And then more in the shower. It's pretty gross.

Do you think stress could be the cause? I stress a lot. Less than, say, a year ago but still.

I'm going to cut out caffiene and see if anything happens...I've been drinking a lot of it lately.
I have not talked with Kevin for nearly week now. Miss him. He's probably busy and having a blast.
Earlier I was thinking about our time together when he was home. You know, day dreaming about those sweet kisses before bed, and drives to nowhere, and giggling kids in the bedroom with daddy being the tickle-monster. Those are lovely things. I was selfish and did some camcording of it all so I could watch it with the kids. We'll probably wear the tape down eventually.
Anthony says these things like, "Today we're gonna go to the airport and get daddy and go to the park and the movie store (BestBuy)..." It just puts this empty ache in my belly.
Ohh, speaking of belly....there isn't anything growing in mine. I checked three times. I'm very thorough. And paranoid! I admit, I was a little sad. But that feeling passed quickly as I listened to the children banging on the bathroom door which was blocked closed with a huge pile of dirty towels.
Mac'n Chees is burning!
Happy Sunday!

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