Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crash and Burn.

You know those cartoons you see that have some character sliding along on something with wheels and they crash into something and the next thing you see is that character with all sorts of bruises and stuff?

Yeah, that was me trying out my rollerblades yesterday. It was really sad and pathetic. I crashed when something got caught in my wheels. I fell and slammed my knee into a very neatly arranged rock. I layed there moaning...which when I think back on it now probably sounded like a pregnant woman laboring. I was crying and thinking "Oh God please let a car drive by right now." Which then happened...she saw me and drove right on by! I think
sometimes God likes to mess with me in that way. I wobbled my way home. My knee is swollen to the size of a softball.
I've got two pretty cute kids. I must say. Yes, I'm probably biased, but still.

Anneliese is totally into stealing from Anthony any food he's eating and any drink he's drinking. And half the time Anthony just sits there in this sort of shocked state with his eyes really wide. If he takes it back she screams at the top of her lungs. Which makes me laugh internally while I'm telling her it's not nice to scream at people. I'm telling ya, she's going to be some bossy little person when she gets older. Don't try arguing a point with her 'cause you'll lose.

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