Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday, but feels like Monday.

Everyday feels like Monday to me. On Sunday I thought it was Wednesday, so it's a good thing someone mentioned going to Mass other wise we would have missed. It's not that I don't keep track of the day of the week. I just get distracted and forget.
I got up this morning to start working on some bunnies for my friend Deena and I discovered all my batting has disappeared. My question is...who the heck is going to run off with batting?!?! It's not like there aren't more interesting things laying around to run off with--Camera, dvd player, new coffee maker! So I've looked everywhere and I'm concluding that perhaps someone mistook them for plastic bag recycle because they were still in plastic bags from the store. It's was only like 3$ but the point is that it's not there when I really need it now! I guess I'll have to make another trip to the Craft store. Oh Darn!

Speaking of bunnies...this one I finished sewing yesterday but I don't think I'm happy with her. I was working on a pink alternate with flowers under the ears when my batting disappeared.

Don't get me wrong...I think she's perfectly cute. Just not satisfactory to my desires . I'm not sure about her. I'll do the other and see which my friend likes more.
So I went outside to check on my plants. Mostly because I don't water them. You might say
"That's crazy! You should water your plants!". And to most this would seem right. But my experience is that if I water my plants, they die. I might as well just shoot them up with weed killer and watch them shrivel. Well, thankfully they are alive and thriving. Partly thanks to the climate here. It's always wet. Well, I was looking around just starring at weeds and slugs and things when I saw this laying in the yard.I've decided Mister Green Potato needs a home. He will have to make due the composte pile.
The following picture is from a farm that is on my way into town. These people have huge clidesdales (sp?) that wonder around in this little grove of oak trees. It's beautiful there. I wish I could have a place like this...


Susan said...

I love the bunnies!!!! Where'd you get the pattern? I'm thinking the batting is just hiding so you can get the stuff from the craft store that you were eyeing. LOL

Celeste said...

Yippee! I saw a few things I wanted:)

The pattern for the bunnies came from this soft toy book I found at the library. It was from like the 70's with all these funky soft toys in it. It looked like it had sat there since the 70's, too! I altered it a little because it was kind of complicated to sew the way they had it...I'm addicted to making them now. They're multiplying like rabbits! Ha!

Susan said...

I think they are soooooo cute!