Sunday, December 10, 2006


I wish I could get myself to get out of bed early in the morning. But the kids are just not letting me get enough sleep. I'd rather go to Mass early in the morning than wait until later in the day. It's nice to start the day that way.

Mom is home, and so lots of cleaning has ensued. I don't mind. It gives me a break. I just start to feel guilty because I feel like I should be doing something. Except I do lots of somethings all week long. I can take a break today.

She also put the Christmas tree up. Someday I'll get to do that. But it's her house, and her tree, and so I just let her do whatever she wants to do when it comes to decorating anything.

I'm trying really hard to be a nice person because she is a very strong personality and I don't deal well with her being bossy. She's always been that way, but it's easier to be obedient when you are 7. When you are 27 it just starts to grate on the nerves. Anyway...

Here is Anthony helping out with decorating...
I have not gotten any crafting done the last couple of days. I finished my bunnies and went on to sewing myself a pair of pants. That fit! Oh joy! They're pretty cute, too. I made them out of beige wool jersey, so they are quite warm too. I'm debating making more pants. I just need to find some more material that I like.
I should be making things for people for Christmas, but I just can't get the energy up to do it. Lately, the last week or so, I've just been incredibly depressed. Everything just makes me want to cry. Even not getting my sewing machine to get the tension right made me want to cry. Maybe it's the time of year. Or maybe it's just everything combined-- the season, not having Kevin home for Christmas, the kids wearing me out, not enough sleep, and worrying about everything.
Kids need attention. More later maybe.

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