Friday, December 01, 2006

I think my head might explode.

If you've ever had a migraine you know what I'm talking about.
My youngest brother, now 12, has a habit of going in and eating whatever he likes. I get food I know my kids will eat. They're so picky, so I specifically pick out certain things I know they will eat. Well, my brother will go in and eat 3/4 of everything I buy. And it's not like he needs to either! He gets fed. He took the last granola bar, and when I called him on it he said "Ohhh cry me a river." Little snot.
In the mean little snots are refusing to eat when it's meal time, and only beg for something to eat in the middle of the night. Someday that will change.

Anneliese is working on sleeping in her own bed. And I think it's going fairly well. The crying is down to 20 minutes. I think that's pretty good for her. Considering she can scream for an hour straight and not be winded. She's such a darling little thing.
My crafting is going slowly. I found some awesome buttons yesterday and am trying to come up with something fun to do with them.
I started sewing a felt teddy bear. He's adorable. Picture to come soon.
I also made a cute little pink linen apron with brown and white polka dotted ruffles. I think it might be a christmas present for someone:)
Need to get my kids out of the cold!

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