Sunday, December 17, 2006

I got Christmas early!!!!!!!!

Guess what I got?!?!?!?!?!? Only the best thing ever. Only the one thing I really wanted. My one and only!

K: Hey hon. Can you go down to the RS and pick something up?
Me: What?! Why is it there? The baby is napping...I just got out of the shower....
K: So wake the baby up! Can you just do it? I had your present delivered there and Staff Sarg is there...
....I'll let him know you'll be about an hour.
Me: Ok then....

*30 minutes later, piled children in to car, stopping to let child pee, fighting traffic, cranky, wondering why I don't just call and tell them to put it in my mail box*

*Walk in to Recruiting Station....see guys hanging out...SEE MY HUSBAND SITTING THERE WITH A GRIN!*

Me<----Squealing like a crazy person and jumping up and down.

Haha. It's been lovely. That was on Thursday. It's been the greatest 4 days of the whole year. Well, and the days he was home when Anneliese was born. Those were good too. Anyway...I've been busy going here and there and Christmas shopping and eating out and talking and walking. And I'm guessing it will continue for a couple more days before we calm down and get into some sort of rhythm here. He's only home till the 29th, but still!

Anthony is glued to daddy. It's like hero worship:)
Anneliese is worse than her typical self....She's warming up to him. But she's just cranky all around. I might as well superglue her to my hip where she will be happy. The first night Kev was home she wouldn't sleep till like 1am. Ugh... It was "Why- the- hell- are- you- in- my -bed-attitude". LoL. Last night was best. She slept for 6 hours straight. Yay. While I lay there marvelling at the fact that there is this huge body taking up half the bed and snoring. I'll have to get used to the snoring again:)

Anyway...if I don't blog it's because I'm busy being busy with the hubby. If I don't get to it...Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have your loved one there to hold you tight, too!

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Susan said...

(3rd times the charm) Yeah!!!! OMG!!!!!! I'm so glad he's home for Christmas!!!! Welcome home, and Merry Christmas!