Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Do you run at the mention of dentistry?

I don't run. But I walk very quickly in the opposite direction. I just don't have fond memories of dentist visits.
My mom dragged me to her dentist today. I woke up this morning with my face swollen, my gum pussy (gross, I know), and feeling dizzy. I pushed on my gum to see if I could get it to go down a bit, (more nastiness), and just about passed out. But threw up instead because it just hurt so bad. I suppose she had good reason to drag me into his office. He was very kind, considering I pretty much bad-mouthed my former dentist and was shaking like a leaf. I was super nervous. I guess he could tell. He even talked me into going back sometime.
So here's the deal....I have a wisdom tooth sitting sideways behind my back molar, with a crevice in between where stuff can get in. (Food and drink.) He said to swish 40 times a day and go see an oral surgeon to get it out right away. And he was kind enough to point out that they would put me out for the whole thing. LOL. I guess I was looking miserable by that point. So anyway...I have to figure out how to get to an oral surgeon, have someone to watch the kids, and to drive me.
And it still hurts. He didn't even offer drugs! Come on!


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Susan said...

I'd rather do just about anything other than seeing a dentist. I finally found one that understands that walking into his office gives me panic attacks, and we'll be moving! ARG! Good luck, hon. Swelling and puss are bad things.