Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Poop, snot, and candy...

Have you noticed how your kids always choose to hold in their poo until the opportune moment? Usually in the car on the freeway, or in the grocery store line, or right after you have gotten into the car to go somewhere. They have poo radar or something. It's just bizzare.


Anneliese has a cold. She woke up this morning with a lovely coating of dry snot all over her face. It looked like a snail had come to visit. Now that she's up it's like a water faucet with no off valve. Don't dare touch her face to clean her up. She might bite a finger off!


The first words out of Anthonys mouth this morning were, "I want a RED lollypop!" He hadn't even opened his eyes. The child is like an elephant when sugar is involved. He does not forget. I hate it because he gets so desperate sounding....and then I get into negotiating which I hate even more than his desperation.


I was thinking this morning (when I woke at 5:30, what's up with that?) about how when Kevin calls I don't really have anything great and interesting to talk about. Thankfully he loves me anyway! Mostly I just have the kids to talk about, and bills, and housework...I'm so boring. Does he think I'm boring? I used to do all this stuff before the kids, and before we got married, and before the Marine Corps. Mostly I'm just busy with the everyday stuff, so there isn't time for other adventures. And he's not here to share in the mundane daily stuff, so I feel kind of lame-o sometimes. I need to keep going with the herbal stuff. I kind of laid off because well...we're poor...and winter clothing is more important. Not that Kev is into the herbal stuff, but at least it makes me happy and seem interesting. LOL

Speaking of interesting, I found this site
She has some cool art. I'd like to do quilts like hers....

I can't figure out how to make the freaking printer work. I got new cartridges for it, and now the stupid thing just prints gibberish. There's got to be a way to fix it. I did before, but I can't recall what I did. And the "Help" menu is pretty useless. If anyone has any hints, I'm open to trying anything.

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