Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The neighborhood plant co-op

They may not realize it now, but most of the neighbors are belonging to my plant co-op. I've taken to harvesting their rose hips, trimming their rosemary, "pulling their weeds". I can't help myself. They are calling to me for attention. And then I tear them apart and have them drying on my racks in the kitchen:) I'm a theif! Oh my. I wonder if there is professional help for this sort of thing. (I don't mean jail!) Actually the neighbor I took rosehips from was asked because I had to actually go in through his gate. I'm not that creepy.

Mom brought home with her a bouquet of rose-hips for me. They are beautiful. Deep reds, and oranges. They look very Thanksgivingy. Poor mom laughed when she saw me trimming all the hips off. She says she knew I would do it, but it was still sad to see. Hehe. The stems are about 2 feet long so I'm going to see if I can get them to root. I'll plant them in some soil sideways and feed them well. We'll see what happens. That would be awesome if they did because the tops were completely covered with rosehips. There must have been at least 200 hips on there. And there are only 3 stems. Pretty neat.

Health update.
I'm getting better. Slowly. I get tired really quick. My voice is still really scary, but I can talk a little. I keep coughing up nastiness. It's going down my throat rather than out my nose. At least my nose isn't Rudolph-Red anymore. I have to take two Benadryl to sleep otherwise I'm up coughing all night.
Sadly the med's don't make Anneliese sleep through the night, but I'm hopeful that sometime soon that will happen for her. Sometime soon, too, I'll go get Anthony's bed out of storage and set him up in it so when Kevin comes home he can actually sleep in the bed. It would be great if Anneliese would sleep in her own bed too. That is definately going to happen within the next 6 months. I need some time to myself, thank you. Even if it's to lay there and be lonely:)

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