Friday, October 13, 2006

Japan: The Saga Continues.

So over the last couple of days Kevin has been telling me that his CO wants to know yesterday if he is extending or not. And now he wants to talk to me about it. My theory is that if you want the hubby to make a decision talk to the wifey and she'll be sure to push him into it for you. Why should this be any different? Well because I'm not really all for him going to Iraq, but I've come to the conclusion after much discussion with some people that maybe it's best if he just goes and gets it over with. My feeling is kind of one of just get this whole thing over with already. Just make a decision. What am I going to say the his CO? "You can't have my husband. I need him here. He's been gone for two years. The children need to know their daddy." Well, yeah. But I feel that he won't be happy if I say "don't do this". He needs happiness at his job. I've seen unhappiness. It's ugly.

Even if I did say no, he'll still probably end up going. It sort of feels like having to pick between two bad poisons--the lesser of two bads?

They want to know our demands for the condition of him extending to stay there. I was talking with my brother about it and we were trying to come up with some really good a three bedroom house already set up for us to live in, a pool, a new car to drive, free groceries for the duration of our stay, 6 weeks vacation when Kevin comes home. That would be awesome. We'll probably get a little hole in the wall, with a patch of grass two by three, definately no pool, and a 96 if he isn't called for duty. ****.

Such is life:)

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Susan said...

I don't think there's a way to win at that one. Good luck.