Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm one of "those people"

I was trying to think of the reasons that I'm still Catholic. Seems that there are all kinds of people getting picked on because of it lately. So I was thinking very deeply about it. My list is very deep.

So here's my short list:
1) I like to do annoying things to people without them knowing about it. (Hey maybe that's why I have so many fans! :)I've learned that nothing pisses someone off more than praying for them when they are so vehemently against prayer. If they don't know I'm praying I can sort of feel like I'm doing something nasty, when in fact it is something really great, and great things have happened in peoples lives after I've prayed for them. So I wonder if they actually just needed someone to pray for them and that is why they were sent into my life...? Perhaps so. But either way, it's still fun. And the Rosary has amazing power. If I wasn't Catholic I don't know if I would pray it.

2) I have come to appreciate the fact that I am such a "tard". I'm not super smart, I make a fool of myself quite often, I annoy people, women tend to hate me, I make bad mistakes, I'm not very good at much of anything, and I am a very insecure person. Hence I have found my refuge in something that is much much greater than myself, which can guide me and my decisions, that helps me be more secure in my insecurities, that is a guide for how to pray. Basically It is the boss and I go there for guidance. I've yet to be steared wrong but it.

3) There are awesome traditions.

4) We have the best---> We have Christ present in the Eucharist. I have seen the miraculous event of the communion wafer transformed to flesh...If it isn't enough to see that then I don't know what is. I'd have to die and go to heaven to see Christ's body otherwise. I'm too lazy to die. Maybe that's why He let me see that. I'm the loser who has to see to believe! I can't leave knowing that He is really there in the Tabernacle.

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