Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gardening, grunting and gratefulness.

Ok, so I gave up on my raised garden after all. I'm so disappointed. Sort of. Trying to clear the yard of blackberry bushes was starting to drive me crazy. I swear they would just grow back over night, so it was like a never ending pointless mission. And after 5 minutes out of sight of either one of my children was cause for hysterical screaming of "MAMMA!?!?!?" I can only take so much of that before I want to duct tape their mouths and wear ear plugs.

The good news, though, is that I transferred all my plants and herbs to pots so they are happy and growing like weeds. It's great! So here is my new plan. Everything is going in pots. I'm laying down black plastic where I'm going to put them so weeds and blackberries won't take over. I found this book called Herbal Remedy Gardens: 38 Plans for your health and well-being. It has some really good ideas. I'm not using any one idea out of it...But just taking what I think will work in this climate. It stays pretty wet and cool out here so lots of things will grow. During the winter months we don't get any sun in our yard though because of the trees. So some stuff will grow, but not flower. Makes growing some flowering plants kind of pointless. My chamomile is growing crazily, and flowering too so that's pretty cool.

There is a recycle place up at the dump that has all sorts of things that you can buy that people have just dumped there. I distinctly recall there being a mountain of plant pots, so I'm going to drive up there sometime this week and see what I can get. Should be a ton cheaper than buying them new.

Anneliese figured out that she can crawl into the kitchen and get into the chemicals under the sink. So I took out the baby gate and put it across the kitchen door way. She stands there grunting and growling and screaming. I blocked off her fun! How mean of me. She's such a trouble maker. I don't remember Anthony being this much trouble...and he's a BOY if ever there was one.

I'm grateful for and to the couple of people who have been listening to me whine lately. I'm tired, and being sick seems to blow everything out of proportion for me. Last week at a friends house we were talking about faith and how some times it's really hard to practice having faith. Seems to get really hard for me when I'm sick, which is dumb because it should be the other way around. Anyway, sometimes all I can do is say "God take care of this!", and He does. That should be a testament to having faith the size of a mustard seed. I'm grateful that He recognizes my ineptness enough to give me the help I need when I ask in such a unpious way. I'm grateful for the friends who pointed out to me that having faith isn't always about "praying" as well, but about making my life a prayer.

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