Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Impressive array of gifts.

My birthday is on the 11th. Woohoo. I'm going to be 20 something. I can't keep track. I feel like I'm still 18. But with kids, and a husband, and a car payment. One year closer to 30. I keep thinking I should be feeling grown up. When does that happen? Maybe I'm just in denial. That could be it.

I was thinking back over my gifts that Kevin has given me. Not so much just birthday, but every gift. Mostly because he asked me what I wanted for my birthday...I must say---I've been spoiled. I've gotten jewelry, fancy dinners, clothing, shoes, a car, a digital camera, a new lens for my non-digital camera...flowers, candy, yummy smelling soaps/lotions. I'm probably forgetting
stuff. I'm pretty easy to please. I'd be happy with just about anything. Mostly, I think Kevin just like shopping so usually I just tell him to suprise me. He's never failed at that!

Mom stayed home from work today. This would be great, except the overall mood in the house sucks. There's been yelling since like 9:30 this morning. A great way to start the Holiday. I swear it's like she doesn't smile, or laugh, or seem happy unless something/someone at work has given her some reason to be happy. It's really depressing and frankly I can't wait to get the hell out of here. In the mean time I've been trying me best to ignore her negativity whenever she's near me. I act totally oblivious to the fact that she's in a perpetual bad mood. I think this ticks her off, but hey...it makes me feel better!

Tonight I'm taking the kids to see fireworks at the fairgrounds. It should be lots of fun. There are supposed to be rides and stuff for the kids also, so Anthony should be in pig heaven. Maybe we'll just eat fair-food and hang out there...Got nothing better to do:)

Here's Anthony with his sparklers the other night.

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