Friday, July 07, 2006

Hum Ho...And other exciting stuff.

I didn't blog yesterday. I've had guilt about spending so much time online. I'm sure some psycho-babble person or other would say that it's bad for my anyway I cut back yesterday. The only reason I'm on here now it because it's 6am and Anthony climbed on top of me with peed PJ's saying "I need to hold you Mamma..." I couldn't go back to sleep. And I figured that if I got up early and did all my email, ebay, school research and googling now then I won't be taking time away from the kids.

They're exhausting 24/7. Any other mommies feel that way? I don't get any breaks. Not even to go potty or shower. One of them is always with me. So tiring. Good thing I love them to bits and pieces.

I'm having anger issues with the Marine Corps. Who the hell do they think they are keeping my husband away for so long? Just cause they own him...jeez laweez. If the Marine Corps was a wife, she would suck. And not in a good way. She's not very loving. More like a nagging, possesive, bossy, over-involved BAD wife. Hah. I'm jealous of the time they get from him though. Oh well. Another day down, a lot more to go.

Kevin was talking about extending with ANGLICO and bringing us over there. You have no idea what that kind of talk does to me. I would die of happiness if he would get us over there with him. Granted I'd be a psycho-ultra-anal-packing-freak, and paranoid about everything being packed right and papers right where they're supposed to be and needing the car to be sold and passports, and a million other things. I'd probably drive him crazy for about a week straight with everything, but I would be sooooooo happy. I like happy. I'm crossing my fingers. But not holding my breath. You know...expect the worst, hope for the best.


Susan said...

Ain't that the way of the military. I hope that things work out for you to be together.

Celeste said... too.