Friday, July 21, 2006

Busy Bees.

Wow, were we busy today.
We went and got the mail and ran some errands. I picked up a pattern from Beverly's to make a Superman cape for Anthony. *rolls eyes* He won't quit talking about it. Got some lunch from the store. And then drove back out the the beach. We hung out there for hours and hours. Peter and Anthony collected crabs and star-fish, and then shared the crabs and star-fish when a ton of other kids discovered what they were doing. Anthony trailed along behind this guy who looked like Kevin for a good hour. He was even dragging the poor guy around by the hand, making him go here and there. Poor boy needs his daddy... Anneliese was fascinated with one of those hot-dog dog's. It kept licking her fingers. Too cute.
Then we came home. I showered Anthony down. He had sand everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. That was pleasant.
Then we left again and had dinner with friends up in Windsor. Got home around 10pm.
So tired...but can't sleep. My brain won't stop functioning.

Gonna cheat on my diet and eat a brownie:) (Yeah...shuddup....I've lost 5 lbs.)

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