Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sleepless night three.

Seems like my sleep apnea is come back to haunt me. I thought it would pass after the baby was born, ya know, with crying baby at night and all. Well, she's been sleeping through the night for at least a month now (she's now 3 months!), and now I can't seem to sleep even though I exhaust myself during the day. I lay there hating wives who have their husbands home and have nice children. I figured it would be more useful to do something than whine to myself. No pity just makes it worse.

So I'm sitting here trying to find info on childhood illnesses and disorders looking for clues about Anthony. I've already cut the sugar out of his diet, which seems to make a huge difference. People think I'm paranoid when I scream at them not to give my kid candy or soda or a sweet snack, but you don't have to live with the affect of it! It just seems to exagerate the already bad stuff. Last week I started cutting out wheat, but then mom fed him pasta the other day. It's hard to be so strict especially when there are other people around to feed him stuff.

Oh my gawd. I'm reading this article about autism. That some autistic children will get into self-distructive behaviors like eye-gouging. Anthony went through two phases of hurting himself. First he would bite himself so hard he would draw blood. He would leave round teeth marks on his arms that would turn purple. It was horrible. That was last year. Then shortly after that it was gouging himself/pinching himself with his fingernails, basically with the same result....Ugh. I guess I should add those things to my list. Right now he just seems fascinated with being hurt, constantly asking me for a bandaide and medicine.

I need to find something less stressful to think about right now.



Susan said...

Oh, sometimes, oddly, a spoon of peanut butter will counter the sugar others give your child. Or at least it used to work with my oldest.

Celeste said...

i'll have to try that...